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  1. Guardian angel and guardian archangel to stand by me, please tell me what I need to be to receive financial freedom now? because my little son and I really need it in this situation. Or someone can help me please give me sign to know.
    And help me with my relationship. If Nick, he is my Twins flame please help we contact agian and have happy relationship.
    Thank you 🙏 love and light.

    1. I need my grandma pat near I miss her so much thank you for everything you do can you visit my house see me tonight I saw you last night you are cute as Angel how are you doing today I hope you have a good morning beautiful girl. Love and kiss I want you for everything you do love you so much I miss you so much right now love you you are my grandma I want to know everything did for me I always be your grandaugter I love your work on the shelf here

  2. Dear Angels ,

    Please help me to build my own home ,please find me right people and opportunities that will lead me to have my own home soon .

    Thank you for your help always !!

  3. For my angel Hariel. Please show me a simple sighn of what you want me to know ,or what your trying to tell me so that I can understand. I got your message, but do not understand just yet, 784029358483???

  4. I seem to get in my own way when it comes to changing my habits and making a better life for myself. I need some guidance

  5. ‘ have a heavy decision weighing heavily on my heart and mind. It is dangerous to my health either way I go, but deciding which path will have the least effects. Please angels watch over me and let no harm come to me.

  6. Hello all,have you tried to meditate to h help quieten your mind,by this I mean find somewhere quiet and sit in a comfortable position,then close your eyes and then start to take long slow deep breaths,just focus on doing that for at least 5minutes ,any thoughts or emotions that might creep in acknowledge it and then release it,just put it out if your mind and continue to focus on your breathing,when you feel calm then use the power of your voice and try saying something like ,”I ask now that I may be surrounded by my highest and loving angels that can best help serve me now. I ask that you help me to release any negative thoughts and energies,and assist me to stay grounded,i ask you now to please help me raise my energy frequency,i also ask for your assistance in finding my true life path thatis in accordance to gods divine will for myself and to help benefit all mankind ,in the highest vibration of love for all concerned, I thankyou for your assistance in helping me to do this today, I thankyou, thankyou, thankyou,thankyou, ” now let your mind come back slowly to reality,whilst you make yourself aware of your breathing again, and when you feel fully aware of your whole being once again and you feel ready open your eyes.. do not let yourself worry about the outcome, as this actually starts to create negative energy ,which will make the outcome you want take longer, Trust that the angels are always around us,and that they are working on your request, and that they love us all unconditionally, the more we do things like this, the calmer we will start to feel, I actually suffer from severe depression and anxiety,and OCD, since I have started to do this ,asking the angels for help I have actually started to feel more at peace both within my self and then this shows in your outer body,
    Good luck to you all and I hope that by starting to do t his you start to find some sense of peace,which inturn w I’ll help you to focus your m Ind on what it is you want ,
    love and light sasha

  7. At this point have you added more archangels to the list provided here…I know you have added Raziel. Any others? Your sites have become a very big part of my life. I sure wish I knew who you were/are. Thank you. 🙂

  8. Hello Angels. I’ve been struggling for quite a while with a depression. I do not feel totally ready to go back to work, it is haunting me. But most of all, I need to have messages about my purpose on this planet. I received so many gifts and I feel totally lost, unable to use any of them. I want to serve so bad, but how is the best way, without exausting myself? Thank you so much x

    1. Hello Lin: You have been emotionally programmed in a subconscious way to never to be able to commit to anyone or anything but the family, along with the message that you deserve no better than “skid row” if you break away from this pattern. By this I mean that your belief system feels that it is wrong to do anything good for yourself. That somehow you don’t deserve the support of the Universe or your family to accomplish your own personal goals.
      To heal this start to make small steps to accomplishing the fulfillment of your own personal dreams rather than focusing on everyone else. Use affirmations to undo these harmful belief patterns so that you will no longer sabotage your own growth. It’s perfectly okay to be self ish.

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