Archangel Uriel – Transformation

Archangel Uriel – Transformation Symbolism

Get ready for a life altering course of mystery, intrigue and transformation!
-Archangel Uriel

(This message to you about personal transformation is brought to you today by Archangel Uriel)


Know that there are massive changes happening all around you at the moment and that I am asking you to embrace all of those changes in your environment and with your emotional body. This physical transformation of energy around you is taking root and expanding in ways that may surprise you. Make sure that you release any expectations that you may have with regard to the outcome of this change. Do not try to control it – but simply allow it to flow through and around you. Stay grounded, let it flow and keep your faith.

Archangel Uriel - Transformation,

If you have been feeling a little blue lately – stop wallowing in it and get up and move! Movements such as walking, dancing or even simply swaying will help to bring the sweetness of life back to you. Focus on color and textures. Imagine their sounds and tastes. Look at them and remember what joy is in your life, if it’s a lot or a little, it is still joy.

I want you to remember that we are all on one very long journey of the soul. On this journey you will encounter endless turns, shifts, conditions, emotions and trials that will inevitably motivate you to morph into ever-finer beings. At any given moment in time you are forever changed and not at all the same as when you started on this journey. Change is constant. Transformation is constant. Change and transformation are eternal.

We all have the gift or ability to accept change with grace and eloquence. You must simply realize that the journey is your only guarantee in life and spirit. It is your responsibility to make your own way in faith. If you accept the changes as they come then you will emerge from your transitions brilliantly.

To help with your changes be sensitive to the harmony of the earth. Stay deeply in tune with any environmental changes and work towards keeping yourself and all things balanced and harmonized.

~ Archangel Uriel


  • Thank you Uriel
    I am beginning my own transformation and as I continue my journey, thank you for being with me through each and every
    step of the way.

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