Your Guardian Angels Message

Your Guardian Angels Message

You will soon be receiving good news in the form of the healing of a strained relationship, a resolved health issue, a new career opportunity, an unexpected financial resource or a romantic proposal. Allow yourself to receive!

Above in the quotation box is a special message just for you from your Guardian Angels. Read it carefully and integrate it into your day.

The Three Archangels and Tobias - Francesco Botticini (c.1446-97)
The Three Archangels and Tobias – Francesco Botticini (c.1446-97)

How is this possible?

The Guardian Angels are all around us all the time. Our Guardians are always looking for good ways to communicate with us and to show us that they are here and willing to help. This web page is their tool, and it permits them to communicate with you directly. They can manipulate the randomness of the over 800 messages available for that little quotation box above and choose the exact and appropriate words for you right now and at this moment.

The Guardian Angels are always willing to help you and guide you. All you have to do is ask so that they can do their magic.

Understand that the Guardian Angels will not make your choices for you. Only you can make your life decisions. What they can do is help you discover what’s in your heart and lead you closer toward your life force so that your choice is exactly right for you and no one else.

The Guardian Angels:

I also want you to know that what is right for you is not necessarily right for someone else. Believe in your journey, love those in your path now and in the future, and do not harm. When trying to help others talk about yourself and how you feel about the subject, that way, you are not preaching or ordering someone to “Do what I did” or “This is how you must do it.” Sharing your experiences will also allow others to have an “AHAA” moment and move forward themselves.


  • I was referring to BHABANI DAS and Angela most specifically, though grateful for all the light you all have shared

  • I was in tears reading the first conversation on here, and I was not expecting that! I also went through tremendous grief and loss when my baby girl passed away at seven weeks from sids and my oldest was unjustly kept from me for 14 months. I was in so much pain I literally could not speak or eat or sleep it was something so terrible there are no words to explain. The incredible part is the beautiful transformation that came from this unspeakable pain and place I lived through. I found god even without intention to find him and I found myself and my older daughter is sleeping in my arms as I type this .. so sorry for your loss but have faith the other side is more breathtaking than you could dream as terrible as the lonely pain can be the shock the numb it all is better tenfold looking back at the transformation

    • I actually know how that feels I’ve got tooken away from my real parents just know God has a way to handle people. Don’t put to much stress on guilt and just live your life to the greatest fullest I am sixteen and God has something special for you. I’m still looking for my greatness in life so live yours blessed and awesome.

  • After death of my wife on 4.10.2018, I who is 86 now , have been passing horrible loneliness as being childless and none to look after. I have been residing alone in a flat. Now I come to know about guardian angels who can guide me as to what I should do to get a calm and meaningful life I do not know if it is possible and if possible , how I may be favored in this regard.

    • Bhabani,
      I am deeply sorry for the loss of your wife in April 2018. I too experienced a great loss in April 2013; my Dear Mother passed away from Leukemia after a 10-month battle well fought. I understand the feelings you are experiencing.
      I felt isolating sadness and debilitating loneliness. Especially being an only child, no surviving grandparents or close family members nearby to grieve with or find comfort. But, through this tragedy I found God and learned I am never alone. I believe my Mother is one of my Guardian Angels. I speak to her often and I am at peace. The path of spiritual awakening changed my life. You can reach out anytime if you need a friend. I am an email away. I am praying for you.
      Your Friend, Angela
      Austin, Texas

    • Dear Bhabani,
      Know that you are never alone. Close your eyes and focus, you will know God is with you . The feeling is indescribable with words. Trust your inner voice and remember we are but spirits having a moment of physical experience in this dimension. If you ever need someone to talk to , I am more than happy and always available. My love I give to you , please do not be sad.


    • BHABANI DAS, thank you for your message , I am speechless to have stumbled upon it . I understand so deeply how it feels to yearn for your loss and even for losses that didn’t play out like me looking forward to continuing to raise my sweet daughters together . I had no idea I would never be able to , that so many precious anticipated life events would never occur at all for my baby girl. It was impossible for me to process for a very long time. I too had to be alone through it all no support and my other sieving child was taken from me the same day. I quickly learned there was no way to express or process what had happen and I was enduring. That was part of the magic looking back , I didn’t think it would be possible to be off the cold cement floor watching the ambulance drive off with my newborn , I didn’t think I could ever recover from the shock of finding the little cue only a mother would notice , That something wasn’t right simply because my sweet baby did not have her hand up to her cheek which she always did even in ultrasounds! ..calling paramedics and following the dispatch on the phone walking me through how to do cpr on my newborn baby While in so much shock and panic and trying to keep my toddler calm Enough to focus and keep my baby alive in some way somehow by some miracle . .. unfortunately she did not make it even after the best medical help arriving so quickly only god himself could have sent ..I felt actually I’m not sure I was capable of feeling in a lot of the events that day but I sensed I would never ever ever be ok again , that there was no way to live after this .. and then it got worse when I couldn’t see my older daughter I had raised and been with every moment since she was born . I went through many stages of grief that I didn’t realize at the time is what they were , for an unexplainable reason I am not only here to say I survived this tragedy, but I have been carried through it’s all by GOD and his glorious angels who even while alone and impossible, mercy and love they poured over me and carried me breathed for me because I could not.
      Sorry this is long, I just want you to know that YES yes! Hands down yes it is possible to receive a calm meaningful life because I of all people have experienced this beautiful blessing! I am always happy to lend an ear or my experience if it’s wanted or needed but I just felt drawn to tell you it’s possible , I had no reason to be joyous or happy or even just ok but regardless I have experienced breathtaking beautiful love grace happiness and so much more and I am so grateful for the blessing I have to glow with pride and abundance of love and light in my life today and to reflect on the transformation it took to get here . Bless you and don’t stop seeing you and your divine light , you will see it if you persevere and mine was more glorious than I could ever dream of

  • Angels I am thankful for all the lessons that I have learned in this past 2 months. I now understand the reasons. Kindly still guide me as I wade through the struggles that I find myself in and I am still longing for my husband’s return. Please return him to me as I miss him terribly and I do love him so much. He is the half of me. He is my soulmate and my future. Please make him come back to us.

  • i want my guardian angel in my dreams and i would lik a stronger bond but am i worthy of god of heaven am i worthy at all i have dream so f becoming a archangel and angel of music and fight demons

  • Guardian angel I am grateful for protecting me and being there for me. I need wisdom, guidance , and light in my life. I want a stronger bond. I want know my guardian angels name. I want to know why it wont talk to me when i talk to it. And why it doesnt show itself to me. and what my dreams meant. my first dream was about a bout i was floating in the sky but it was sunset with stars then angel on a cloud appeared and it day and it raised a sword or hand and it turned to night. and another dream when i said i wasnt worthy to be in heaven or with god and i wish i had a better relationship i closed my eyes and clouds appeared and a light flew towards me and i woke up

  • i want to know my guardian angels name and why it never talked to me when i talked to it and why it never shiws itself to me i feel lonley

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